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Assisting Irish Primary School Teachers with Recorded Preparation for Teaching & Learning

 Primary school long term plans for September and short term plans for during the year are essential. However, knowing how to do them can be confusing, and they can take a huge amount of time, especially for new teachers or experienced teachers starting in a new role or setting. 

Requirements for planning for primary school teachers have been in place since 1965. Rule 126 for National Schools states that Irish school teachers are required to prepare a detailed scheme of work in each subject, suited to the needs of their pupils. The National Induction Programme for Teachers (NIPT) has provided detailed guidance regarding layout and content for long term plans including templates, guidelines and examples. In addition to this, in 2015 when the Primary Language Curriculum was published, the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) produced its own sample template for long term planning. New guidelines on Preparation for Teaching and Learning were published by the DoES during 2021 (you can read a summary of these guidelines in our blog post here).

This large volume of information and guidance has left many teachers confused about exactly what they need and how to do it. In addition to this, researching, formatting, and typing recorded preparation documents can require hundreds of hours of work and can easily become overwhelming. TeachingPlans.ie has been set up to help solve these problems!

We provide Irish Primary teachers with high quality sample written planning, planning templates, sample timetables, and other teaching resources in fully editable digital format which can quickly and easily be tailored to their own students and circumstances.

For class teachers, our long and short term subject plans will save countless hours as the content is already pre-populated, so instead of typing everything from scratch, you can simple edit what is there to suit. The sample plans provide suggested content for teachers who are new to a class level or for those who would like some new ideas, but you can quickly and easily change this to suit your own circumstances as desired. 

Our planning templates for SET teachers will save you time as you won’t have to create your own templates from scratch and our sample completed plans will show you how to fill out the templates. 

To provide additional help and support, we share guidance, hints, tips, and useful resources in our Irish teaching blog and on our Facebook and Instagram pages. We also have a large and ever expanding library of completely free resources. 

In short, we have sample, editable long term written plans for all primary school class levels and resources for SET, EAL and autism class teachers, which have been created to save teachers time and stress. Sample fortnightly plans for all class levels are currently being created.

You can search for resources using the menu above or click directly on some of our most popular products below:

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  2. Yearly Aistear Plan
  3. Primary Language Curriculum PLC Fortnightly Plan Template and Sample
  4. English as an Additional Language Individual Education Plan (EAL IEP)
  5. School Support Plan (SSP) Example
  6. Junior Infants Sample Long and Short Term Plans for the Entire Year
  7. Multi-Class Third and Fourth Class Long Term Plan Bundle
  8. Sample ASD Class Timetable
  9. My Thoughts About School Checklist in Editable Format
  10. Personal Pupil Plan (PPP) Template and Sample