Cuntas Míosúil

Here you will find Cuntais Mhíosúla templates and completed samples for different settings

A cuntas míosúil is simply a record of the work you have covered with your students for the previous month. The easiest way to do a cuntas míosúil is to tick or mark what you have covered on your short term plans, and to write a short reflection. There is space on our sample short term planning templates for you to do this.

Some schools prefer that teachers have a separate document for their cuntas míosúil. If this is the case for you, above you will find a cuntas míosúil template and completed sample for class teachers and another version that is suitable for SET and EAL teachers. These include the sections recommended in the 2021 Preparation for Teaching and Learning Guidance for All Primary and Special Schools.

We are unable to provide a completed cuntas míosúil for each month and class as we do not know what work you have covered with your students!