Irish Teacher Instagram Accounts to Follow

In recent years, Irish primary school teachers have taken to Instagram in their thousands and have used the social media app as a platform for sharing ideas, making connections and friendships with other educators, and to offer help, advice and support to each other. 

The Irish primary teacher Instagram community is fantastic and I’ve met so many supportive and welcoming teachers on it since I set up my own teacher account during the Covid-19 pandemic. There is an absolute wealth of knowledge out there and it’s very heartening to see so many Irish teachers using the app to share this knowledge with others. Social media and teachers learning from each other in this way is becoming a major source of CPD and I think it can definitely help to reach more teachers than some more traditional CPD delivery methods. 

I recently asked my Instagram followers for suggestions of great Irish teacher Instagram accounts to follow to learn about different areas. Below is a list of these suggestions as well as accounts that I have found extremely helpful. This list is not exhaustive, and as there are thousands of accounts I will definitely have missed a lot of really excellent ones. Please leave a comment below with the social media handles of any other accounts you know of that share their knowledge and expertise and I can add them to this list. 

Also, there are thousands of amazing international teacher Instagram accounts, and too many to mention, so I am just sticking to Irish accounts here!

So without further delay, below is a list of suggested accounts to follow, grouped by the main area of expertise where possible:

















Play/ Aistear/ Play therapy






Wellbeing/ SPHE/ Self-care

















Positive Behaviour Management/ Trauma




Generally helpful pages

























































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