Primary Mathematics Curriculum

The Primary Mathematics Curriculum for all Primary and Special schools was published in 2023, and is due for implementation in schools from September 2024 when all primary and special schools will be required to teach mathematics based on the Primary Mathematics Curriculum (PMC) and teachers’ long and short term recorded preparation will need to be based on it. 

PMC Short Term planning template

A short term planning template for the PMC that can be used with all class levels. 

PMC Editable Long Terms

Fully editable sample long term plans for all class levels. These will save you countless hours as the content is already pre-populated, so instead of typing everything from scratch, you can simple edit them to suit.

Note: Our long term planning bundles for each class level have been updated to include plans based on the new PMC. 

Our sample short term plans (currently available for Infants – 1st class) are being updated. At present the maths sections in these short terms are still based on the 1999 maths curriculum. Once they have been updated, it will be specified in their description that the maths section is based on the new PMC. If you are in doubt, please get in touch at