Primary Language Curriculum Fortnightly Gaeilge Plan Template and Sample


This bundle includes a choice of 2 fortnightly (short term) planning templates for Gaeilge based on the Primary Language Curriculum (PLC) and is suitable for all classes from Infants – 6th class, as well as multi-class planning.

These templates have been updated to reflect the September 2019 changes to the PLC for Infants – 2nd class and the publication of the 3rd-6th class section of the curriculum.

I created these templates based on the suggestions from the PDST’s planning templates for the new Curriculum, however I did not find the PDST templates clear enough or easy to use so I spent a full week working on my own templates.

I have included 2 different templates in this bundle and you can select which one suits your needs better.

  • Template 1 does not include the progression milestones and steps and you can write your own learning objectives instead. This is to reflect the changes to the PLC that came in for the academic year 2019/2020 whereby the progression continua are no longer be included in the curriculum, but are available online as a support material instead. This template is very straightforward to use.
  • However, if you do wish to use the progression milestones and steps in your planning, Template 2 lets you do this and I have included a guide to how to use the progression continua for this.