Mathematics Long Term Plan for Second Class

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A high-quality, comprehensive yearly plan for maths for Second Class in fully editable Microsoft Word format. The plan is suitable for NQTs as well as experienced teachers. The plan can easily and quickly be edited to suit your own class and preferences. Two versions of the plan are included. One version includes all of the traditional sections recommended in the NIPT long-term planning guidelines (aims, strands and strand units, objectives, methodologies, resources, assessment, differentiation, linkage and integration), and a second version uses the new terminology from the 2021 Preparation for Teaching and Learning Guidance for all Primary and Special schools, and includes only the sections specified in it. A document is included in your download which explains these differences in more detail and to help you decide which to use.

Note: The Primary Mathematics Curriculum for all Primary and Special schools was published in 2023, and is due for implementation in schools from September 2024. If you are making a purchase for the 2024/2025 school year, we have sample long term plans based on the PMC available here.

This plan you are currently looking at is based on the 1999 Mathematics curriculum and will be on sale at a discounted price during term 3 of the 2023/2024 school year as it will be suitable for teachers who are taking on short term contracts for the final term. From summer 2024 onwards, it will no longer be available as is suitable for use until the end of the 2023/3034 school year only.