Subject Integration/ Thematic Teaching Plan for First or Second Class


A 6 page plan done month by month, outlining themes for teaching for the year. Includes suggestions of how different subjects can be integrated into these themes.

The themes I have used were carefully chosen to allow integration of as many subjects as possible and covering as many the curriculum objectives as possible.
I taught thematically, integrating multiple subjects into each team during my 3 years teaching first class and it had huge advantages including:
-Reduced planning and making resources as the same resources could be used for multiple lessons
-A huge relief of the pressure to ‘get all of the subjects taught each week’ as my lessons were integrating multiple subjects so all were being covered
-Improved learning outcomes for my class as they were exploring topics through many subjects and methodologies

These themes have been tried and tested in my own classroom and the children loved the topics we covered and learned a huge amount. They align to my long term planning for First and Second Classes, which is available here.