Social Stories

Social stories were created by Carol Gray as a tool to help autistic people to understand what will happen or what is expected in a specific situation. Our fully editable social stories (Microsoft Word or Power Point format) allow you to tailor them to suit your student’s needs. Real photos of people, items and places relating to the individual are always most effective in social stories, so there is space to insert them and a description of what photos could be inserted.

Each story is written with care, and takes a lot of time and effort to create. However I want these stories to benefit as many students as possible, so I charge a small fee for each paid one, and upload one free story for each one that has a charge. If you download a free social story, and find it helpful, then it would be really appreciated if you could please take a minute to leave a positive review on its product page. Leaving a review supports me in continuing to provide free resources and to add more free stories to this section in the future. Thank you! 

For information and tips on Social Story writing, see our blog post here. Claire from offers free training for primary and post primary teachers, SNAs and parents on Social Story and social narrative writing via the education centres. These are be publicised on Facebook and Instagram or you can send an email to to enquire about upcoming training.