Special Class / Autism Class

Planning templates, sample plans, and resources for Autism class teachers can be found below. Each child needs a long term plan which can be in IEP or School Support Plus plan format. Each child that has SNA access in a school also needs a Personal Pupil Plan.

Our long term subject plans or long term planning template for mainstream classes may also apply if the children are following the regular curriculum. You can access these from the class level menus. Children with learning disabilities may need plans created using the Curriculum Access Tool (CAT-GLD).

For short term/ fortnightly plans our “SET Short Term Plan Template” may be used when planning for an individual child e.g. working on their individual targets, and you can use our “Short Term Recorded Preparation (STRP) Template” for whole class planning. 

Detailed guidance on what planning you need in a special class/ school can be found in our free blog post here. 


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