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I honestly cannot praise this vendor enough for the amazing quality of these fortnightly Irish primary school lesson plans. I’ve always taught senior classes and I didn’t know where to begin with lesson planning for 1st class. These fortnightly plans are going to make my life so much easier this year. They are so detailed, clearly laid out and also fully editable making them worth every cent. The amount of work that has gone into these plans is evident and I am so extremely grateful to the vendor for making them available. Thank you so much!!

Aoife M. / Teacher

I can’t quite believe how fortunate I was to come across this document. I teach the multiclasses 3rd-6th. I was feeling a little overwhelmed with implementing the New Primary Language Curriculum this year. This planning document has made all the difference and is very comprehensive. A sample is also included which is a helpful guide to filling in the template. It is exceptional!

Elizabeth / Teacher

These plans are extremely comprehensive and detailed with a variety of options included within the purchase e.g. single 5th or 6th class LTP and multi-class 5th/6th LTP.  These digital learning plans for primary school teachers have saved me hours of time and the suggested work activities for each fortnight within the long terms are practical, clear and appropriate for the class level. Your year is mapped out very clearly and because they are editable documents it allows you to easily alter the topics/activities if needed. I couldn’t recommend these plans enough! Well worth the investment!

Dawn C. / Teacher

Fantastic resource. This is a very comprehensive set of plans and easy to understand and alter. Thank you.

Gráinne M. / Teacher

We often think of value in terms of cost but we should look at quality of what is being purchased. With these plans you get incredible quality and great value for money. This is my second purchase from this vendor. I am so grateful for them and the peace of mind that came with them. Thank you Claire! 

Sculli / Teacher

Super easy to use. You can tell the vendor has spent a lot of time on these plans. Amazing amount of detail and very easy to adjust to the books you are using in your own classroom. I also bought the Yearly Plans (separately) from the same vendor and decided to follow this up with the fortnightlies. I was THAT impressed!
I highly recommend you purchase these. If you think about it, you’re saving yourself the stress of writing up new plans and affords you that time to focus on other issues I’m sure we’ll all have to address when we return to the classroom after COVID!

Christopher L. / Teacher

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