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Details of our FREE spring 2024 webinars via the Education Centre Network are now available. Sign up is via the specified Education Centre website.

Webinar 1: Teacher Social Media Accounts: How to Benefit Professionally While Avoiding Risks

Social media is a fantastic tool for allowing teachers to connect and much helpful CPD, information, advice and support is now shared in this way. The online space also affords massive opportunities for teachers to share resources and even to earn some extra income. But because this is a relatively new phenomenon, there is still uncertainty about what is (and what is not) okay to share online, and teachers can leave themselves open to serious issues if they are not extremely careful and aware of legislation and guidelines in this area.

This webinar will outline the huge benefits of social media use for teachers, while making teachers aware of the potential pitfalls so that they are not putting themselves or their career at risk. It will give specific examples of practices that should be avoided when sharing teaching content online, as well as advice for teachers who are interested in selling some of their own resources.

Registration via Sligo Education Centre website

Webinar 2: Writing Effective Social Stories and Social Narratives for Autistic Children

Social Stories were first developed by Carol Gray, and are an extremely effective, and evidence based strategy for teaching autistic learners, and those with other social communication disorders, about what to expect, and what is expected, in a wide range of situations. ‘Social narrative’ is an umbrella term that includes Social Stories as well as other simple stories that visually represent social situations and behaviours for autistic learners.

In this short webinar, participants will learn what a Social Story/ narrative is, what they can be used for, their essential features, and how to write effective Social Stories/ narratives for the children that they work with.

This webinar is suitable for primary and post-primary teachers, SNAs and parents who wish to learn the basics of Social Story/ narrative writing.

Participants will receive free, sample social stories which they can edit for their own students.

Registration via Dublin West Education Centre

Webinar 3: Preparing Children With SEN for the Transition to Post Primary School

Starting post primary school is a huge transition for our 6th class students, and while it is exciting, it can also be the source of much anxiety for students, especially those with special educational needs. Students need to be adequately prepared and supported to ensure a smooth and successful transition. For children with complex SEN, the NCSE recommends that planning for the transition to post primary should start when the child is in 4th or 5th Class.

This webinar will outline the steps that class and SET teachers should take in preparing students for the transition to post primary school. It will give a brief overview of the changes that have taken place at post primary level in recent years (and that primary teachers need to know about in order to prepare their students), suggest practical steps to make sure their students know what to expect and have the skills they will need, give an overview of how information is passed on to the PP school, and hi-light resources and guidance that are available to help.

Target audience: SET, special class, and mainstream class teachers of pupils with SEN who are in 4th, 5th and 6th class.

Registration: Will be open in Spring 2024, via www.ecsligo.ie

Webinar 4: Teaching About Climate Change in the Irish Primary School

‘Human-induced climate change is the largest, most pervasive threat to the natural environment and societies the world has ever experienced’ – Ian Fry, the UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights.

The education system has a huge role to play in climate education, and sustainability needs “to be at the heart of education” as per the government’s 2nd National Strategy on Education for Sustainable Development which was launched in 2022.

This short webinar aims to give educators a starting point from which they can begin teaching about climate change. It will give an overview of the following: climate facts, national policy on climate education, curriculum links, practical actions schools and individuals can take, climate anxiety, and where to access further information, training and resources for schools.

Participants will learn:

-Some basic facts about climate change

-How climate education links to the primary school curriculum and government policy

-Practical actions schools can take to address climate issues

-Addressing climate anxiety amongst pupils and staff

-What resources and training are available to help teachers in delivering climate education

Registration via Dublin West Education Centre


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