Social Story on School Refusal


A sample 3 page social story on school refusal to support a child as part of their return to school plan. This is in editable Microsoft Word format.

This is a sample story to give ideas about what can be included in a social story about school refusal. Each child is different and the specific factors at play in their school refusal will vary. This story must be edited to reflect the individual child’s needs and circumstances. Photos and clipart has been included for illustrative purposes only, and they should be changed to include ones that are meaningful to the child and show their own school, return to school plan, resources etc.

It is strongly recommended that you contact your school’s NEPS psychologist for advice in the case of school refusal. Significant anxiety that impacts on a child’s daily functioning is a serious and complex issue that requires the involvement of a professional with expertise in this area. A referral to the HSE (or to a private service if the child’s parents have arranged this) should be considered.